Why Does Heel Pain in Morning?

Today we’re going to answer a question about heel pain in morning that “Why does my heel hurt first thing in the morning when I get out of bed?” So first of all, the most common cause of morning heel pain is a condition called plantar fasciitis. There’s plenty of information on our website on what that is and how to treat it, both home treatments and when you should see a professional. But, really, today we’re just going to focus on what causes that pain first thing in the morning.

Causes of Heel Pain in Morning

Heel pain morning causes, so first of all, plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory problem, where this ligament that attaches in the heel becomes inflamed. Now, that’s different from a more serious problem called plantar fasciosis. Patients with inflammation in their foot, in their heel, or in pretty much any part of their foot, when you’re walking around during the day, the actual act of walking, it’s like you’re doing a little massage on the bottom of the foot and that prevents the buildup of inflammatory fluid. You’re going to get inflammatory fluid in any part of your body whenever you have damaged tissue. That fluid brings in the cells that repair that tissue. So as you walk around during the day, you’re using the muscles, and the pressure from the ground pumps that fluid out, but when you go to sleep at night and you’re laying down, or you’re just sitting down having a meal, you’re not doing anything to get rid of that fluid, so that fluid comes in and it builds up and becomes tighter in that area. And so, when you go to walk again, that’s buildup, and it becomes painful, so those first steps become painful. You walk around for a few minutes and you pump that fluid out, and that is actually what gets rid of that pain. So again, the pain that occurs, first steps after rest, it has a name. It’s called post static dyskinesia. That just means pain after rest with motion, so that’s the cause. It’s really nothing to worry about too much. It’s just a generalized sign of inflammation.

Does Your Heel Hurt When You Wake Up in the Morning?

Today we’re going to talk about why heel pain in morning and four main symptoms of the heel pain epidemic.

The first one is intense piercing sharp pain this is type of the pain that you get at the bottom whenever you step down they describe it as stepping on broken glass or nail this is very sharp due to all the inflammation that’s going on in this area this is very sharp painful type of pain.

The second part is because of the pain you started guarding and all the plantar fascia and the back of the calf area become very tight so this is tight or tearing pain and the third one is the dull achy type of pain now because of the degeneration we talked about because of fasciosis are setting in and this is type of pain that I had when I get up in the morning when I put the foot down boy they felt like there’s a huge knot underneath my heel area so people describe it as like having a bone bruise very deep achy dull type of pain.

The next one is the tingling and numbing type of pain now this is pretty severe pain because you don’t have to be on your feet to have this pain and because of the nerve from the back or the heel area get entrapped in there and becomes very tight so that it becomes a numb and tingling kind of sensation on the bottom of the heel and very painful as well and then when do you experience this heel pain epidemic the worst part is in the morning when you first get up because when you’re sleeping your foot is in a downward position and when you get up and put your heel down it literally stretches this plantar fascia so it becomes very painful in the morning so they literally get up and putting the foot down they’re like a grandpa they’re walking and holding on to the furniture and going to the bathroom and this is a pretty typical picture of the heel pain epidemic.

The next one is getting up from sitting position getting out of the car or after sitting in in a desk or someplace static for a long time when you get up same thing it’s it was down position and then when you pull up it stretches that plantar fascia and causing the pain in this area also at the end of the day after a long day of standing and putting a lot of pressure on this area this area become inflamed also painful and also walking up incline or steps when you go up this direction it literally stretches this area so that the plantar fascia gets also very painful at the same time also the worst pain we talked about earlier is pain at rest at night-time when you come home you don’t have to be on your feet but the area becomes very numb and tingling sensation and because of all the nerve entrapment that’s going on in this area it’s become very painful as well. In last do you know how to exercise with heel pain?

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