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  • Excellent for relieving the burning sensation under the metatarsal heads.
  • Thin enough to fit in any shoe type.
  • Super soft protect foot from pain of long time walking.
  • Humanized design by dispersing the forefoot force, let the feet touch the ground with buffer point!
  • Dimensional design can prevent the sliding pad of the finger in walking!
  • Imported medical biological silica gel has similar to human adipose softness!
  • Soft performance is good, can alleviate the effects unique to alleviate the forefoot pain.
  • Medical silica gel has good bio-compatibility, no stimulation to body tissue, no allergic reaction, not be degraded, is a very stable and inert material, known as the “rubber gold”.


Effectively alleviate the forefoot and ground pressure, strengthen horizontal arch support, reasonable improve the forefoot sole negative force, eliminate the stress caused by improper cocoon, have good correction effect on hallux valgus caused by compression up-warping two thumb.

Suitable for long-term wear high-heeled shoes of hallux valgus foot and forefoot pain, metatarsal head collapse, plantar fasciitis, cocoon, can effectively ease the pain when walking.


Weight 31 g
Dimensions 10 × 8.5 cm





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Silicone Forefoot Toe Cover
One Pair (Left+Right)

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