Forefoot Toe Guard


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  • 1 Pair Forefoot Toe Guard
  • Made of Soft Silicone Material
  • Prevent Constant Rubbing
  • Enhances Your Foot’s Natural Foot-Pad To Relieve Forefront Pressure
  • Protect The Sensitive Skin Between The Big and Second Toe
  • Thin Enough To Be Worn in Virtually Every Shoe

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  • Made of gel material, enhances your foot’s natural footpad to relieve forefront friction pain and prevent blister and corns
  • Comfortable silicone foot care insole, easily insert into the shoes, self-adhesive and removable
  • Stops chafing and rubbing between toes, protect in-between toes and balls of your feet with these soft, clear, comfort gel cushions
  • Ideal for use with sandals, high heels or any footwear that has a toe post area
  • Remove plastic film on bottom surface, place sandal with gel toe post grips around sandal thongs, if adhesion lessens, rinse with clean water, and then air dry, bright as new.
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Forefoot Toe Guard
One Pair (Left+Right)

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