Heel Pain

Heel Pain is happened due to plantar fasciitis which refers to heel spur, it also happens due to cyst, a stress fracture, or pounding a heel.


  • Pain at the back side bone of foot while walking and running
  • Pain at the back side when stand on tiptoes
  • Warm and Red skin at back of the foot.


There are several causes which are:

Plantar fasciitis
This will happen when the foot arches are low or high, In this case pain will happen after the rest, not immediately.

Heel bumps
This happens usually if wearing of high heels, this is normally happened in teenagers and for the flat feet

Heel bursitis
It happens at the backside of heel due to pressure of feet which is hard on the heels. In this scenario it might possible that Achilles tendon will swell and the pain gets worst with the passage of time.

Stress fracture
It is because of heavy manual working, exercise, sports. Usually runners are having this stress fracture inside their foot bones which causes osteoporosis.

Sever’s disease
This is mostly occurring in the children and teenagers who are between 7 to 15 years of age. The cause of this pain happens due to overuse of growing plates for heel bone.

Treatment and remedies for Heel pain

Heel is an important part of the body on which a person put pressure first in order to move forward his step for walking or running. You need to do an extra foot care in order to provide heel comfort so it will remain perfect.

However; there are various ways as to avoid heel pains as mentioned below.

Best Heel Care Products:
There are many heeling care kit and products are available in the market which can use to moisturize, or to use a liquid bandage and rub the heel gently in order to avoid heel pain.

Heel Support Shoes:
Heel Spur shoes in Pakistan available which shall be use in order to avoid heel pain or reduce it. There is also availability for heel cushions for shoes which can put in the shoes to make comfort your heel. Heel Cups shoes are also widely used approach for heel support, as many doctors suggest using heel cups for those who has heel pains it relieves tension and give extra cushion.

Heel Socks and Pads:
Heel socks are commonly used in order to avoid the heel pain. However most recommended is to use gel heel socks. Silicone heel pads are also recommended for heel support which provides best foot care.


There are some exercises which also provide heel support and pain relief, some of examples is to sit on a chair with holding legs out straight and extend to flex your ankle joint.

The other is by standing towards face to the wall and put heel pain feet backside to the other feet, then pull your hip towards the wall in order for you to feel stretch.

Home Remedies

By resting, avoiding long standing, and walking on hard surfaces are also the ways to avoid it. Buy the footwear which fit well and provide good support to your feet is compulsory for your feet and heel care.

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