The bunion is referring to a bump which forms where there is a joint of Foot Biggest Toe. It happens often when the facing bones part of the foot change its position towards outside. It affects the big toe tip to move towards smaller toes and forcefully the base joints of the big toe will move out. The sign of it is red and sore skin.

Sometimes it happens due to the shoe size like wearing tight shoes which make discomfort in walking and running, that results in disturbance of the joint. But sometimes the natural foot shape that people have inherited will also cause this pain which is called arthritis in medical terms. Foot Injuries, foot stress, heighted hee can also be the cause of this pain.


  • Bump outside of the big toe of your foot.
  • There is a swell, or redness around the big toe of your foot.
  • Feeling of on and off Pain in your foot near and around the big toe.
  • There is a difficulty in moving the big toe of your foot.
  • Signs of Calluses and corns in between the first and second toes of your foot.

Risk Factors

There are some factors involved which can increase the risk of this severe pain.

  • Narrow shoes – If you wear narrow fitted tight shoes it will create disturbance in foot positioning and likely to have this pain.
  • High heeled – Females most likely to wear high heels for fashion which apply force towards the toe that can cause the bunion.
  • Inflammatory condition – The immune system attacks healthy cells which create swellings in the joint and affect it. This may also be able to cause Rheumatoid arthritis to develop it.
  • Inherited – If someone has the problematic foot structure inherited, that can risk developing this pain with the passage of time.


There are various ways to treat bunions pain. It is recommended that you should start to follow at the early stage when you have an idea about any symptom of it. However below are the some treatments.


There are some exercises which are effective to minimize its impact on foot.

  • Points and curls – Sit on the floor on your feet above 6 inches to curl and point at your toes.
  • Spread-out – Spread and Lift your toes while your heels fix to the ground and feet on the floor.
  • Circles – Circle your toe clockwise and anti clockwise while sitting on the chair.
  • Ball Roll – By putting ball below your toe and roll it back and forth.
  • Figure eight rotations – Move your toe in figure eight rotation.
  • Barefoot – Walk barefoot on the sand such as on beach sand.

How to shrink the bunions naturally?

There are some other ways by which it can be reduced or avoided. Such as:

  • Wear wider shoes, low heal and soft shoes.
  • Use bunion pads
  • Lose weight to reduce pressure on your foot toe.

Bunion Corrector

There is some bunion corrector available in the market which can wear or fit on the toe which is affected. It will keep the toe aligned according to the normal condition. These correctors are called Toe separators, Big toe separator is widely used.

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