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Heel Cushions For Comfy Feet

Just as a healthy diet is recommended for a good health, a healthy-feet requires a perfect footwear. Good news is that multipurpose heel inserts are available to take special care of your feet.

Heel cups are available that are placed on plantar fascia aka jogger’s heel which provided cushioning. These heel pads takes the toll upon ground impact which would otherwise cause serious knee pains and feet sprains.

High heel gel pads are also available for people who have a deep arch in their feet. They provide a balance in the foot placement and makes walking a lot smoother and easier. Medical experts recommend using heel relief pads to restore normal feet functioning and to mitigate muscle knots, tendon pains and other ailments.

Why should I buy heel comfort pads?

There are a number of reasons why a person must use heel pads, some of which are discussed below.

Athletic Heel Cushion Pads

Athletes involve tough strenuous activities such as jogging for miles in marathon, hitting hard surfaces with feet during karate practices and many more activities that puts strenuous pressure on the poor feet. Heel protection pads comes with a complete package that absorbs the hard impacts and takes the damage to itself rather than damaging the plantar fascia and the feet.

Orthopedic Heel Pads

Orthopedic patients are those who require 24/7 care for their bones specially the feet where the whole weight of the body is placed. Therefore, heel pads shoes are available which are carefully designed through breakthrough technology to support the feet for people with different feet related ailments.

Heel Elevator Insoles

Many of the people face the issue of feet flattening or flat feet which are caused by too much pronation. These heel lift pads helps bring back the natural curve the feet over time, thus reducing the pressure on the plantar fascia and the ball of the feet. Heel protector pads used for such purposes are recommended for people for permanent use, even if the person intends to walk for a short distance.

Aesthetic protection

Those who are into modelling or show biz industry know the importance of well-maintained healthy feet. Such care is only possible if the feet are complemented with specialized heel only insoles. Cracked heels are the most common occurrence in people who use improper foot wear. The heels crack as a result of continuous strain on the feet, as a result, the feet tissues cracks open which often leads to other feet problems as well. To treat this one must supplement the footwear with heel gel pads which provides great cushioning to the heel tissues.

Types of Heel Comfort Pads

Heel pads online are available in different shapes and sizes. Some pads are made up of hundred percent pure silicone gel material to treat plantar fascia, bruised feet and to treat Achilles tendon. The typical size for such grip pads are 20 mm in thickness and 105 mm in length.

Other types of donut pads comes in a rather sturdy material to treat problems such as when one leg is shorter than the other. This issue might appear very trivial but having an imbalance in leg length leads to more pressure on the longer leg, therefore heel lift pads can be placed in the shoes to eliminate this issue.

Most of the average shoe soles comes with a standard version which might be a problem for certain individuals. Memory foam pads are available which retains the shape of the individual’s feet. This is very helpful if there is an extra arch in the person’s feet.

Heel Pad Tips

Although they are very low maintenance and easy to use but proper usage of the pads goes a long way. While placing the pad, make sure the pad is properly placed and not folded from any side. Most of the inserts are washable, so make sure it is neat and clean, free from odor and any sort of dirt which might damage the pad.

Scientific Research on Heel cups

According to a research conducted on patients of plantar fasciitis, gel pads proved to be effective in pain relief. The research was conducted at a center in Lahore, the patients were aged approximately in their 40’s. Almost 80% of the patients that used the silicone gel pads reported pain relief up to a bearable level.

Additional Benefits

Silicon pads are not only beneficial for your feet but also for the entire body, as the weight of the body is dissipated on the feet, if the feet are properly accustomed with pads, it will correct your leg posture along with the hip, knee and lower back joints. The heel inserts when used regularly will also correct the vertebral column alignment.

Thus, these soft gel pads are a very important part when it comes to wearing foot wear and to treat underlying medical issues.

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